Missions & Lore

1. Missions

During the game you may complete missions. Available missions are displayed at the lower left corner.

Every mission has a number of requirements for you to fulfill before being able to complete it and get its reward.

In addition to their immediate rewards, such as resources or units, missions help you unlock secrets of the game. For example, you must complete certain missions to be able to discover advanced technologies.

There are 2 types of missions:

* Normal: These are missions that are unlocked by either completing a previous mission in the chain, or by obtaining certain materials or achievements . They are important to the progress of the scenario and you should complete them as soon as possible.

* Daily: These missions are done on a daily basis, to offer you a constant reward for your continued, ongoing efforts.

2. Completing Missions

Each mission asks for resources, units, items or other resources. You can see these requirements when you click on the mission title at the lower left pane.

Resources, units or buildings required by missions refer to your Headquarters (your first colony). For example, if a mission asks for 1000 food and you have 300 food in your HQ and 2000 food in another outpost, you must transport at least 700 food to your HQ to be able to complete it.

3. Game Lore

Nocturion has a background story, which unfolds as you progress in the game. This story is presented in the Game Lore section.

You are not required to read the Game Lore, but it does tie-in various game elements and will give you some idea about why some things happen as they do in the background.