1. Overview

You begin the game as a hero of the Evergreen Empire, sent out by emperor Alexius IV to restore peace and order in these troubled times.

Your character comes with a variety of skills and attributes that you can customize to fit your game style and preferences. You can access your character's profile any time by clicking on your character's portrait at the top left. A new screen will appear that contains tabs with the various attributes.

Equipment and Pets: Your character's skills, armor and pets.

Profile: Information about you.

Achievements: Your achievements, which show your progress in the game.

Reputation: Your reputation with the various factions in the game.

2. Equipment & Pets

Each character has four special skills:

1. Attack: Modifies the damage your units inflict in battle, whether versus another player or during a dungeon raid.
2. Defense: Modifies the damage your units can sustain in battle, whether versus another player or during a dungeon raid.
3. Engineering: The higher the level of this skill the faster you construct or upgrade buildings, units, items or potions.
4. Diplomacy: The higher the level of this skill the faster you can execute Influence actions.

These skills have a base level equal to your character level. So, if your character is Level 12 then all skills start at level 12. Armor you are wearing and the pet you have (if any) contributes to these skills.

You get armor and pets in exchange for items you gather while playing the game. Some are easier to acquire than others. Each armor and pet has a minimum character level requirement to be equipped.

If you have all 4 armor pieces from the same set equipped, you gain a set bonus of 20% to the item values.

3. Profile

Name: This can only be changed once for each character. Be cautious when you choose your character's name because it will follow you everywhere inside the game. This includes the chat system, the forum, the hall of fame, etc.

Title/Rank: While you play, your character will earn various achievements. Each of them comes with its own unique title. You can choose one for your character and that title will be visible to other players as well as in the Hall of Fame.

Personal Information: There is a variety of optional personal information attributes, such as your Country of origin, your website, your signature etc. Apart from your email, the rest is visible to all players when displaying your in-game profile.

Character Progress: These 4 indicators show you how much game content you have completed in the following areas:

* Game Lore
* Technologies (including crafting recipes)
* Missions
* Titles (Achievements)

4. Achievements

By completing special missions or reaching specific milestones in the game you are awarded specific Achievements.

All achievements come with a special title that you can assign it to your governor to be displayed in your profile and the Hall Of Fame.

Furthermore, some achievements unlock special chain missions that will reward you with Equipment, special Units, technologies or Pets.

5. Reputation

Reputation is a measure of your relation with the people of some faction in the game, mainly the inhabitants of the various regions.

You gain reputation by raiding dungeons in the regions or by completing missions.

Reputation comes in stages. Initially you are neutral with all regions, which offers no particular benefit. You then become Friendly, Honored, Revered and finally Exalted with a region.

Higher reputation levels give you bonuses to your Attack and Defence skills. These are cumulative: If you have +1% from the Grasslands and +2% from the Red Forest, your total bonus is 3%.

These bonuses apply to all your dungeon raid armies, your armies versus other players and your defending outpost armies in case of player attack.