1. Overview

Bounties are rewards offered by players or NPCs as incentives for the accomplishment of a task against other players. Using this mechanism, heroes have the option to pay other heroes to do their dirty work!

There are two different types of bounties. Battle bounties require attacks against the target's outposts. Influence bounties involve attacks versus the target's Influences.

All players who accept a bounty will try to achieve the desired result. The first one who manages to do so will claim the reward!

2. Gaining a Bounty

When you execute offensive actions using either your Influences or PvP Raid Attacks, then there is a chance that imperial forces will issue a bounty on your head, as a disturber of peace! This chance is calculated as follows:

a) There is a base chance of 50%

b) You get a 10% increase in the chance per "offensive" action (e.g. if you have attacked 5 times in the last 24 hours you get 50% increase)

c) You get a 10% reduction for every bounty already active on your head

d) You get a reduction equal to half your Reconnaissance Influence bonus.

3. Claiming Bounties

You may accept bounties assigned by other players at any time. To be eligible to accept a bounty for a specific target, the following rules apply:

Rule 1: Have maximum 5 level difference than you. e.g. If you are 20 Level, you can accept bounties for anyone from level 15 up to 25.

Rule 2: Have 30 or more levels. That means that as soon as someone hits the 30th level, from then on "Rule 1" does not protect him any more!

Rule 3: Have been inactive for more than 20 days. That means that if your account is marked as inactive, at which point the system automatically raises your PvP flag, you will also be eligible for attacks.

Rule 4: You cannot accept two bounties of the same type against the same target at the same time.

Rule 5: There is a daily cap of 5 (five) bounties that you can "accept". This counter resets every day at the same time as the server resets.

You can complete a bounty at any time. There is no time-limit for the task, but the first player who achieves the bounty goal wins and automatically claims the reward. This bounty is cancelled for all other players who may have accepted it and any progress they may have made towards its completion is lost.

You can drop a previously accepted Bounty at any time but any progress you have made towards its completion is lost.

The points needed to claim a battle bounty are calculated by adding the XP you gain by killing enemy units plus the resources you looted divided by 200. So if you kill units worth 2000XP and loot a total of 160000 resources then you get 2000+(160000/200) = 2800 points towards your bounty.

Unit XP values can be found in the Unit Index chapter.

Important: You can use the special action of your Espionage Influence to discover the outpost coordinates of any target hero.