1. Create or Join an Alliance

You may create your own alliance in the game by spending a certain amount of Imperial Tokens. By doing so, you become the Alliance Leader and then other players can apply to join your alliance.

You may also apply to join an existing alliance rather than creating one yourself. Your application will be reviewed and will be either accepted or rejected.

An alliance has an initial maximum of 5 members, but that can be increased using IT from the Alliance Bank.

Alliance Rank is the total ranking of all its members.

Important: You must be at least level 2 to create or join an alliance.

2. Alliance Benefits

Alliances offer the following benefits to their members:

1. Trade armies: Allies can send trade armies between their outposts. Use the button "trade" at the tab Outpost Manager in the Strategy Center.

2. Alliance Reinforcement: Allies can send armies to reinforce one another. Use the button "reinforcements" at the tab Fleet Manager in the Strategy Center.

3. Alliance Bank: Allies can put resources in and get resources from the Alliance Bank. Note that everybody can contribute resources but only higher ranks can take resources out of the bank. The Alliance Bank has a finite number of slots available, which can be increased by spending Imperial Tokens (from the Bank itself).

Warning: Imperial Tokens and Research Points cannot be taken out of the Alliance Bank. They stay there until consumed, for example to unlock new bank slots or increase alliance talent levels.

4. Talents: Alliances have a set of Talents, which passively apply to all their members. These Talents speed up raiding time or increase raid loot, for example. Allies raise the level of these talents by spending resources directly from the Alliance Bank.

Most of the talents are self-explanatory, but the "Loyalty" one needs a little bit more details. For the first 4 levels of this talent, you unlock one extra option from your Daily Loyalty Rewards. At the 5th Level you will be allowed to choose one EXTRA reward per day reaching a maximum of two out of five daily Loyalty Rewards.

5. Loyalty: When you complete daily devotion tasks, you also gain "Loyalty Points" in the Alliance you are currently member of. By gaining enough points you increase your Loyalty Level in the Alliance which in turn unlocks different "pools" of rewards. The higher your Loyalty Level, the better the pool of rewards the system chooses from (higher quality items, bigger amounts etc... even Imperial Tokens!)

Each day, the system selects 5 random items from the pool that corresponds to your Loyalty level, and these become available for you to choose from.

There is also a relevant Talent in the Alliance, called "Loyalty". The higher the level of this talent the more options you will have. So, at level 0, you can only have one of the 5 random resources to choose from. For each level up to and including level 4, you unlock one more option. If you upgrade your Alliance Loyalty Talent to level 5 then you can choose TWO of the five random rewards.

If for any reason you leave an Alliance (either from your own will or you are kicked) then your Loyalty Points reset and you start from 0 to your new Alliance. This also happens if you leave your alliance and then... rejoin! You still lose ALL your Loyalty Points

6. Common Battle Log: Allies see a common log of aggressive actions against every member of their alliance, so they know who attacked whom.

3. Member Ranks

Alliance members can be Trial, Member, Elite, Officer, Veteran, Second In Command or Alliance Leader. Each rank comes with more privileges from the previous one and always includes the privileges of all previous ranks.

From bottom to top, the ranks are:

Trial: A utility rank, to indicate a trial member. They can put stuff in the bank but cannot request anything out of it. They do gain all bonuses from the Alliance Talents.

Member: These are simple alliance members, they can issue requests to withdraw from the Alliance Bank.

Elite: This is also a utility rank to distinguish simple Members among themselves. No extra functions for this rank.

Officer: These members can be appointed by Veterans and higher. They are in charge of the recruiting process of the alliance. They can accept or reject player applications to join the alliance, kick members with lower ranking than them and toggle the "Recruiting" status of the alliance.

Veteran: These members have full access to the alliance bank. They can accept or deny request to withdraw from the bank, they can increase the talent levels and they can update the alliance information (photo and description).

Second In Command (SIC): Usually the Alliance Leader appoints this title to only one other member. This member can use the Alliance's Imperial Tokens to increase the maximum members the alliance can recruit or unlock extra bank slots.

Alliance Leader: In addition to all other privileges, the alliance leader is the only one who can disband the alliance. Only one member can be Alliance Leader at any time. Alliance Leaders who promote a Second In Command to the position of Alliance Leader are automatically demoted to Second In Command.

4. Inactive Leaders

Alliance leaders may be changed if they become inactive for more than 15 days without prior notification to the Dev Team about the leader's absence.

In such cases, all active members of the alliance must ask the Dev Team for the appointment of another player as the new alliance leader.

Because players invest a lot of time, effort and resources in their alliances, it remains in the Dev Team's sole discretion if and when such change will take place.

5. Nemesis

Whenever a member of an alliance attacks a member of another alliance, then he earns "Nemesis" Points for his alliance. The points earned equal to:

- 1 point per enemy unit killed (any type)
- 1 point for every 1000 influence points lost from the defender

The total of these points is used to find out which is the most feared alliance in Nocturion.

As it can be understood, every alliance may be at war with more than one alliances. The enemy alliance that has scored the most Nemesis points against your alliance, is considered to be your alliance's... Nemesis.

Every day you lose 10% of your total Nemesis Points. If your alliance wishes to maintain the status of the most feared alliance, and the status of "Nemesis" towards your enemies, you need to daily execute offensive actions against them!