Terms and Conditions

1. General

Nocturion (http://www.nocturion.com) is a multiplayer, browser-based strategy game.

Browser-based means that the only thing you need to play is an Internet browser and an active Internet connection, none of which are provided by the game.

Registration is completely free.

Players have to agree with these terms and conditions in order to play.

2. Game Team

The game team consists of all game designers, developers and concept directors. The game team:

  • is not responsible for any damage to the users as a result of their participation in the game.

  • is not responsible for any problems with the machines that support the game or the game itself.

  • reserves the right to make corrections and/or updates in the game and all its aspects without warning.

  • reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

3. Users / Privacy

3.1 General
By registering an account, users accept these rules. It is the responsibility of the uses to regularly check for any changes.

Multi-Accounting Is NOT PERMITTED. Every user is entitled to no more than one account. Additional accounts by the same person are subject to deletion without any prior warning.
NOTE: It is on the Moderators sole discretion whether the Master account (The account with the oldest "Created On" Date ) will be deleted too. Deletions will be executed without any further notice.

3.2 Privacy
All passwords are encrypted in our databases. Nobody, not even the Game Team, can access the user passwords. No member of the team will ever ask this kind of information from the users, for any reason.

Furthermore, the users must take care of their personal information. Private information of the user (e.g. name, email, country) will never be given to a third party by the game team. All user information entered during registration is considered confidential between the User/Player and the Game Team. This applies also to all the information acquired through the Facebook Graph API.

The above information is used to identify the user in cases of forgotten password, account loss and/or customer support.

When accessing our game, based on the platform you use to log in, we store in the database only the information below:
- Facebook: We only get your Facebook User Id so that we can identify and match your progress with your account.
- Apple Store and Google Play: We only store your mobile's device ID, so that we can match your game with your mobile device.

3.3 Account Deletion
Users can request deletion of their data by contacting our Support Team via email at support@vesuviusmedia.com. We will need you to verify ownership of the account. After the verification is done we will wait a period of 72 hours. If during this period the user does not change their mind, then the account will be permanently deleted from our servers.

This action is irrevocable. Once a character is deleted, NO information is withheld in any way in our servers. That includes player's actions, messages (either private or forum), game progress, or profile information and purchase history.

4. Player Obligations

4.1 Bugs and game vulnerabilities

A bug is an error in the product code which prevents the game to work as intended. Since it may be possible to exploit such a bug to gain unfair advantages over other players, players who manage to discover one should immediately inform the administrators. Taking advantage of such situations may result in account suspension.

4.2 Access

Game accounts are personal. Unauthorized access to other player accounts is not allowed. However, players have the responsibility to safeguard their accounts, using suitably strong passwords, etc.

Players must not interfere with the game servers beyond what is normally expected during gameplay. Attempts to bypass the system in order to hinder server performance and/or manipulate the code of the game are not allowed and offenders are subject to account suspension or other similar blocking measures.

4.2 Bots and automation

The game is designed to be played by humans, sitting at a computer device with Internet access. Automation of gameplay (for example using scripts) is not allowed and will result in account suspension.

4.3 Behavior

Players should respect each other and communicate in a polite and constructive manner. All information posted publicly by players (including but not limited to messages, colony names, pictures, signatures, avatars) is monitored and the game team may take action to change (or even ban) profiles, colony and alliance names without warning.

The following behavior is not allowed and applies to all publicly posted information:

  • Using non-English language in the public forum sections.

  • Using abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; disparaging any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation; threatening persons with actions in real life.

  • Posting or in any way making available material not suitable for persons under the age of 17.

  • Blackmailing players.

  • Using terms from real-world politics in names, messages and descriptions.

  • Impersonating real-world officials or official positions or institutions in any way.

  • Impersonating game administrators.

  • Posting any kind of advertisement for real-world products or services in any way, including but not limited to player, alliance or colony names, player or alliance pictures, banners or links.

What is or is not acceptable behavior is decided by the administrators, at their sole discretion.

4.4 Communication

Issue resolution is conducted using email, so users should make sure that the e-mail they used during registration is correct. The user should take special care to allow such communication through any spam filters or antivirus software.

5. Account Pruning

The Game Team may from time to time delete inactive accounts, if they meet the following criteria:

a) The account has no CPs (Character Points) left.

b) The account has not been used (i.e. the user has not logged in) for at least 100 days.

Accounts deleted in this fashion will get no warnings.

6. Reporting / Support

6.1 Abuse or technical inquiry

If you wish to report a player for game violations or you need technical support then you may contact the game team at the following email address:


The game team will make every effort to respond to such communication, but it is not obliged to do so.

6.2 Compensation for errors

If a player has suffered from game errors/bugs, that player may ask for compensation by contacting the game team at support@universe-online.net and providing valid proof of his/her claims.

Such compensation is strictly limited to resources found in the game world.

7. Contributions / Donations

Any real-world monetary contributions to the game, no matter if by Facebook, Paypal, Fortumo or any other way, are completely voluntary.

Such donations are used to obtain Character Points (CP), an game resource that facilitates certain game actions.

Player donations are final and cannot be refunded for any reason after the CP have been delivered to the game account.

Obtained CP are tied to a specific game account and cannot be transferred to another account, even in the case of account suspension.

The game team further reserves the right to completely shutdown the game at any time without reason. Players are not entitled to compensation of any kind for donations they might have made or remaining CPs in their accounts.

Beyond obtaining CP, donating players receive no special treatment and have no other privilege in the game.

8. Copyright

The rights to Nocturion belong to Vesuvius Media Ltd. These include:

- Game Platform Engine
- Game Graphics and Sounds
- Facebook App
- Nocturion Lore

Nocturion is also a trademark of Vesuvius Media Ltd.