1. Crafting

The crafting system allows you to construct numerous potions to enhance various aspects of the game, such as:

1. Number of daily dungeon raids

2. Number of influence actions

3. Ground attack or defense of an army

4. Air attack or defense of an army

In general, there are 5 potions per category, ranging from weak (gray) to strong (violet).

You can try to craft these power-ups or buy them in the marketplace from other players. You can also buy them using CP.

2. How to Craft

In order to craft you first need to obtain the necessary ingredients. These are found while raiding.

Every region has the same type of ingredients. As you raid more powerful dungeons in that region, you gain more ingredients per run.

In addition to the ingredients you also need to know the method to create the potion. You learn these by completing missions as you progress in the game.

You can craft stronger potions if you are more experienced in the appropriate crafting method. As you craft lower level potions you increase your expertise in producing them and thus become able to craft stronger ones!

Some ingredients are only found on certain planets, so a single player may find it slow to gather them alone. A coordinated Alliance effort may yield better results.

3. Using Potions

You can use a potion you possess on specific actions in the game:

Perform more Dungeon Raids
You can use the Speed Orbs potions in the dungeon raid screen. Click the icon next to the Raid Energy bar to select use your potions to fill up your bar. You can not have more than 25 energy points at any time.

Perform more Influence Actions
You can use the Influence Medals potions in the influence section. Click the icon next to the energy bar and user potions to refill it and execute more actions.

Perform more Pet Training Actions
You ca use the "Pet Training Cell" potions in the pet training screen. Click the icon next to the energy bar, use potions and increase your energy to execute more actions.

Increase your army's strength
You can use the attack and defence potions when you form an army to raid a dungeon. You may place up to 3 potions, in any combination, so you can use 3 for air attack, 3 for ground defence, etc. The potions effects apply equally to all units in the army with a relevant non-zero attribute. Thus, a potions that increases air attack will apply to any unit that actually has an air attack rating.

4. Ingredient Drop Rates

The following table shows the ingredient drop rates in the various regions of the world. The numbers show how many of each material you will gather if you raid the most difficult (level 7) dungeon in that region 25 times, which is your normal daily maximum without using any Speed Orbs.














Verdant Belt

Red Wood


Cloud Peaks

Haunted Bog