1. Raiding

Click on the Dungeon Raid icon to initiate a raid. This icon is only available if your outpost has units.

You are then presented with a map of the available dungeons in the region.

Dungeon level indicates their relative strength. Higher level dungeons are more difficult.

Hover your mouse over these camps to see more information regarding the resources and number of defenders present.

Click on any dungeon to form an army from the available outpost units.

2. Benefits and Limitations

Dungeons provide resources and other items, which help you grow.

Every outpost can only send one dungeon army at a time, against dungeons in the same region.

When you complete a raid in any region you gain reputation with that region. Your reputation scores are shown on your profile page.

Players have an overall daily limit for dungeon attacks. If you possess a stronger army, it is advisable to attack higher level dungeons, so you can get more resources in the same number of daily runs.

While your army units are away they do not consume food and thus your outpost's food production increases proportionally.

Important: Higher level dungeons may require crafted potions for a flawless victory.