1. Overview

Building index can be found here.

You start the game with only one outpost. After finishing the tutorial missions you are rewarded with a Caravan, which is used to create new outpost. You can later build more.

This is the main outpost screen. Each one of your outposts has its own screen, showing the various buildings and units present there.

Rename your Outpost: Select your Castle and then click on Rename.

Construct a new building: Click on any empty slot and choose something to build. By issuing a construction order your building is immediately placed in the construction queue and the required resources are subtracted from your outpost's stock.

Manage buildings: Click on an existing building to see specific information about it, as well as any available actions to perform (such as training units).

Choose a mission: Click on any mission title to see detailed information.

Resources: This is the amount of resources present in the outpost. The Storage Area facilities determine the maximum resource capacity stored in an outpost.

Units: Units currently stationed inside your outpost. These will defend in case of an attack.

Construction Queue: Construction orders are placed here. When the first is completed, the next one down the queue begins automatically. You begin the game with one queue slot. If you buy the other three slots, orders you place there start automatically, one after the other, so your workers never stay idle between orders!

Warp Outpost: You can move an outpost (except your HQ) to a free spot on any region by selecting your Castle and then clicking 'Warp'. You must pay 25,000 CP to do this!

Destroy Outpost: This option is available to all your outposts except your Headquarters. CAUTION: This action can not be undone! The outpost will be destroyed along with all it's resources/buildings/units/items/etc. You will get NO Caravan back from this action.

Outpost Population: The population of an outpost is the total upkeep of all its buildings. So, in order to increase population you must build more!

2. Creating More Outposts

Your first outpost (your HQ) is your first step - naturally you will want to make more!

The first 7 outposts (beyond your HQ) can be freely created on available regions using Caravans.

The maximum amount of outposts per player is 12. The first 8 are free and simply require you to build a Caravan. The last 4 though can be unlocked by purchasing "Colonization Grants". Note that Colonization Grants do not provide a Caravan, you will have to manually construct one (at your Castle) to be able to colonize.

In summary:

You can have a maximum of 12 outposts:

* 1 is your HQ
* 7 can be built freely
* 4 need a "Colonization Grant"

Once you have a Caravan and you are able to build a new outpost, click on the surface icon:

A tiled map of the region will appear, on which you can pick any empty spot to colonize:

On the map, you can see various outposts. The different graphic of a outpost signifies it's type:
a) The red ones with a flag are outposts that belong to your enemies and they are PvP on.
b) The gray ones without a flag are outposts that belong to your enemies and have their PvP off.
c) The blue ones are friendly outposts belonging either to you or to a member of you alliance.

You may also select to colonize on another region; available ones are shown on the right of the map.

3. Strategy Center

When you have more than one outpost, you gain access to the strategy center, where you see an overview of your outposts.

In addition to reviewing the summary information, you can perform the following actions:

Trade resources: Send resources from your outpost to others owned by you or your allies.

Increase Intelligence Level: By spending 1000 Research Points you can permanently increase the Intelligence Level () of your outpost by 1.

4. Intelligence Level

The Intelligence Level (IL) () of your outpost is a measure of how well defended it is versus espionage.

Higher ILs help you against spies, by making things more difficult and expensive for your opponents when they try to scout you. A successful scout report contains details about the resources, buildings, units and items present in your outpost - information you might want kept secret from enemies.

They also help you notice incoming scout attempts. If you do notice such actions, you get a notification so you at least know someone is keeping an eye on you!

Finally, each IL gives you an additional minute of warning time against incoming player attacks, beyond the default 20 minutes. For example, a level 20 IL will show you an incoming attack 40 minutes before it hits you.

Note: The maximum warning time equals the time needed for the enemy fleet to travel the distance between the two outposts.